Taking a pass on the beach can help you more than you think.

There are many factors that influence this perception, but there is scientific evidence that living near the sea improves or at least helps to contribute physically and psychologically to health. Today we highlight the main ones.

he beach is the ideal place to practice physical exercise. Taking long walks along the seashore has more than proven therapeutic properties, with taking walks appropriate to the personal characteristics of each individual “proprioception (feeling of well-being) in the joints of the foot, knee and hip is improved, along with time it regenerates the skin on the sole of the foot «

Contrary to popular belief, rheumatological diseases do not worsen with the humidity and cold of winter, but the perception of pain on the part of the patient increases. The only strategy recommended by doctors in these cases is prevention. Diet and physical exercise are two healthy habits to prevent rheumatic diseases. Sedentary lifestyle, stress, fatigue and a not very active lifestyle make us, therefore, more vulnerable to suffering from these types of diseases. In the case of suffering from some type of rheumatic disease, and to combat changes in temperature and weather conditions, it is advisable to apply heat to the areas of pain and perform gentle exercise (walking, swimming) to help loosen the joints, and for that our beaches are a first class gym.

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