How to Install GBA4iOS Emulator to Run GBA Games on iPhone/ iOS 8/9/10/11

We will discuss the processes in this post that will help you install the best GBA4iOS emulator to your iOS tools. This emulator lets you play the best games (GBA) that are coming in the market.

For most of the youngsters, Nintendo’s game boy has admirably taken most of the hearts, and no game has reached up to this level. Acquiring the legendary market reach out Nintendo has struggled too much to give the best to its customers, and for that, it has launched Nintendo switch, and the sign of advance game boy remains with the people.

GBA4iOS Emulator

The tech-driven youth are trying different ways which will help them to access and play those legendary and classic games on their smartphones. We must be grateful to the GBA4iOS emulator that allows us to access all the best GBA sources on your iPhone and iOS operators.

We have two of the different emulators which are working effectively; the first one is GBA4iOS while the second one is called delta Emulator. This article is presented to enlighten you about the methods that which will help you to install and to give better gaming experiences.

How You Can Download and install the GBA emulator for iPhone (GBA4iOS) in 2018

GBA4iOS is the most popular and recognized emulators that we will look at. This most exceptional emulator is working fine and works amazingly on both the devices like iPads and iPhones using iOS 11.

It becomes straightforward when you will not require a jailbreak to install such emulators. The process of installation is really simple, and a step by step guide is mentioned below. Before discussing the methods, we are excited to share some the unique features that make it different from all the other emulators.

Some advanced Characteristics of GBA4iOS

• The emulator supports skins from the game boy color and the advance game boy.
• It supports multiplayer, allowing players to engage in online battles.
• Allow gamers to use cheat codes with no limits.
• You can also organize your data that are also saving files on your cloud storage.
• The emulator gives you all the feedback
• Wireless support.

First method

1. Firstly, Open up your browser from your device and then type the relevant link.
2. Go down and tap on logo of Date Trick.
3. Your Next page help you to see with the information about the emulator.
4. Look and select install button you will see the downside of your page.
5. Dialog box will appear to ask for confirmation, tap confirm again.
6. New page will appear that will let you see the Settings.
7. There move to option General -> then Date and Time -> & later on turn off the Toggle.
8. Then enter any time and date but not the first, and you need to wait for some time to install.
9. The moment your emulator is getting installed, they will be present GBA4iOS sign on your screen.
10. Now you must change your time and date and there is a little to reach the final conclusion.
11. Tap to the option Settings-> then General -> then Profiles & then Device Management option to make sure that the certificate of your GBA4iOS has been turned on.

Once you follow the steps mentioned above, you will be able to install GBA4iOS successfully without any disruption. In case you find this step difficult or lengthy we will give you another method to install GBA4iOS.

Second method

This method is straightforward and much more straightforward to install GBA4iOS as it has little fewer steps than the previous process.

1. Begin with downloading Cydia Impactor and IPA file of GBA4iOS.
2. When they are downloaded, you must open the Impactor, and start to connect the device. Your impactor will get recognized from the device that you have connected.
3. Then select your device which you have recently connected, and then drag and then stick to IPA file of GBA4iOS which you have recently downloaded very previously.
4. Then the Impactor asks you for your identification details of Apple and your password and if you want to continue the process of the installation. You must ensure that you will need a proper ID or your method will stop working.
Run GBA games through iPhone by Installing Delta Emulator

This method of installation of delta emulator seems quite easy and straightforward because you don’t have to follow those long and lengthy processes that become monotonous at times. It is indeed a great thing about this delta emulator not only let you play most games through the Nintendo 64 but also game boy advance, and game boy color. Now I will mention the devices which will support the emulator.

Supported device

• iPhone 5c, 5.
• iPad Air
• iPad3, iPad4, iPod 6th generation.
• iPadMini3, or iPadMini2.

Like we have seen the supported device now will look at the unique features of delta emulator that make it extraordinary.

Delta emulator – Advanced Features

• It supports iPad with complete optimization.
• Support for airplay.
• Synchronized with Dropbox.
• Access to Wireless link.
• Constant updates.
• Access to cheat codes.

The installation process of delta emulator

1. Firstly, open the browser from your smart device.
2. Then type the URL, then copy and paste into the browser the following link:
3. When that is completed, then you will see the page that takes some time to load. Then Look at the arrow signals “Up,” then click on that.
4. You will see more options on the list; you must choose “Add to Home Screen.”
5. Then type “Delta” inside the box. When you get the results that come, click on “Add” in Safari.


It will rightly observe that there is a lack of good GBA emulators on the iOS devices. That is major because iOS is limited to an operating system. GBA4iOS and delta emulator is the only working emulators available in the market these days that work amazingly.

We know that the inclination of people towards classic games has encouraged emulators to work and these emulators are available and you can get them easily to have a better gaming experience.

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