How you can change Apple ID through Third-party Email to iCloud

Apple devices have their own way of working unlike all the other smart devices in the market such as Android. The owner Apple devices have to create their own Apple ID and password to have an access to the device and its utilities. But now technology has got so advanced that you can easily create your Apple ID with the help of Third-party email process.


By third-party email account, I mean (Google as well as Yahoo) that can easily get connected to your Apple ID and you no longer have to change Apple address and your email Adress to access specific tools or applications. Now Apple has successfully made it possible where you can replace your email ID with your Apple Address.


The technology of Apple devices is so advanced that it has now made everything so easy. All you have to do is to log in your Apple device that allows you directly have an access to your device. Once you come in contact with this idea you will longer want to go back to the same old procedures.


Before we proceed, I want to bring the disclaimer in front that once you are done with the changing process you will never going to go back to come in contact with a third-party email address. If you really want this for life then, go ahead and enjoy the process.


How To Change Third Party Email (Google Or Yahoo) ID To iCloud


This process of changing Apple ID is available for only Yahoo and Gmail Accounts. Once the process gets started you must ensure that you should remember your Apple account and make sure that you have an Apple domain account that is totally working fine by which means your account email address should end with the following- or


  • Through iPhone, iPod, and iPad


(Once I changed the Apple ID on your device and it worked totally fine. By using the following method you can easily have an access to third-party email by changing your Apple ID)


Step-1: To start the process you must first open settings on your iOS device and once it appears on the screen you are requested to click on your name which you will see on the very top of your screen. After clicking on the name you are required to select the ‘Name, Phone Numbers, Email’ option on the screen.


Step-2:  After selecting the above option you are required to click on the “Edit” option showing on the screen which is placed next to “Contactable At” and after selecting the relevant option you will need to remove your current email ID by clicking on the red minus sign visible on the screen.


Step-3: After doing the above-mentioned steps your screen will show a prompt and ask you to add a new address and that address will be used as your Apple ID. Follow the same before you remove your current address. After doing that you are requested to click on the “continue” button which will be visible on your screen and once you click on the “continue” button that will take you to a new window where you will have to add your Apple domain Address and adding the same you will get an Apple ID.




( Before moving further you must ensure that your Apple ID accounts are linked to the iCloud mail account. Otherwise, the same process of changing Apple ID to third-party email will not work for you.)


Step-4: The moment you enter your Apple Address, then your screen will show you the “Next” button to move the process you are required to click on that and that will take you to the window where you will be asked about your verification number which you will receive on the email address. Once you mention the verification number your Apple ID will get changed into a third-party email.


As you have just read the above process from which you can change your Apple ID and the whole process was simple and convenient is what we believe. Moreover, it is not possible that you change your Apple ID of the Current email ID which you are using. If anyhow you do that you will not be able to change your Apple ID to the third party email address.


  • Through the Apple ID Account


By visiting your Apple ID Account page you can also change your Apple ID on your iOS devices. Because it is an easy step by step guidance that will help you to achieve your aim by changing Apple ID just by visiting the account web page. Following are the steps you must follow:


Step-1: The first in the process is to open up the web browser and search for the site “”. and after visiting the site you will be asked to sign in with your correct apple account. Then they will ask to verify your identity and they will ask you security questions which you have answer correctly otherwise the process will get disrupted.


Step-2: Once you answer all the security questions correctly the, you will an “Edit” button which will be placed near the “Reachable At” option then you will click on the edit button.


Step-3: Then a new window will appear and you will see “Add More” option placed below the Apple ID section which you have to click and there you will enter the Apple domain address. After entering the correct Apple domain address you are supposed to reach on the new login ID.


Step-4: So the last step in the process is to get to see your changed Apple ID and you will only be able to do it by clicking on the “Continue” Button.


Final Words


So far we have discussed the whole process of changing your Apple ID to the third-party Email address that will help you to change your Apple ID. We hope that you find this article helpful and we would love to hear from you about your experience of changing your Apple ID to the third party email address.

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