How you can download Xposed Framework on the Android Devices(Oreo)

It is really an advantage to all the android users that Xposed Framework supports them because the users are really frustrated when the custom details of ROMs keep coming on their screen that speaks about the advanced features that they should get on their devices. Xposed Framework has been designed and developed by the very skilled “rovo89”. This very framework help you have an access to the systematic tools from which they can easily customize their devices as per preferences.


We are highly delighted to inform you that you no longer have to worry about those irritating update pop-ups because this amazing tool called Xposed Framework is accessible to all the Android oreo users. We will discuss the easy step by step guide by which you can easily get this amazing tool on your devices and get to interact with this tool.


Before moving further we must ensure yourself that the android devices that you are using right now should be fully updated because of this is the very start of Android oreo that is totally supported by “rovo89” which has been treated like some release of beta and it is also possible that some of the bugs might also appear on the system. Apart from this, if your Android device is not fully updated that it m, might not support the Xposed Framework tool.


Run Xposed Framework On Your Andriod Oreo Devices


There are certain requirements which you need to fulfill to get this Xposed Framework get installed on your android devices. Following are the necessities which you need to look at.

  • Your device should be updated to Android oreo version 8.0/8.1.
  • You must have TWRP latest updates because it has custom recovery system.
  • You should have an installer of an Xposed version of v3.1.4 (APK).
  • You must have an Xposed Framework of SDK26 and also Framework of SDK27.


Steps to get Xposed Framework Installation


Step-1: First step is to get Xposed Framework installed on your android device is to have Xposed installer on your device. It should be installer version v3.1.4 Apk and the other framework of SDK on your device.


Step-2: after having all the Xposed installer on your android device you must then copy all the relevant files on your android device.


Step-3: after copying all the important files the next step is to get Xposed Installer get installed on your Android devices.


Step-4: After getting your installer get installed you are required to reboot your device so that it can recover the Xposed installer.


To reboot your device you must know about the process of rebooting


  • First, you must turn off your android device.
  • If you want a fast boot mode then you must press the power button of your phone along with the button that lowers down the volume of your device.
  • Once you are done with fast boot mode then you must tap on the power button to select to move to the recovery mode.


Step-5: After the reboot and recovery process your screen will show an “install” option which you are supposed to select and there you will look for your Xposed Framework which you have recently copied on your device.


Step-6: After selecting the install option on your screen you are required to tap on the “ZIP” option that is visible on the screen and then you are supposed to select the option to get it installed.


Step-7: After zipping the file to get your Xposed framework installed you are required to remove the process of cache or dalvik and after that, you are required to reboot your android device again.


The above-mentioned guide will definitely help you to get the Xposed Framework installed on your device and it will directly activate the service which you were looking for. If you happened to see any kind of boot loop then we must tell you clear all the ROM and start to follow the steps one more time.


We are happy to inform that you can also install the Xposed Framework by using the tool called Magisk. But before installation, there are certain requirements which you need to fulfill and after you successfully complete the following requirements you will be able to get Xposed Framework have on your device.


  • You must have Android oreo version of 8.0 or 8.1
  • You must have Magisk tool manager in your device
  • You must have advanced installed of Xposed, preferably the v3.1.4.


Step-1: Firstly, you are required to start Magisk Manager tool from your Android device.


Step-2: After you open the Magisk you are supposed to click on the option called “hamburger” that is visible on your screen after you click the option you will tap on the “downloads” option.


Step-3: After selecting the option you are required to look down on the list and look for “Xposed Framework SDK 26 or 27” according to your Android device.


Step-4: Once you select the option you will select the download option and then a dialog box will appear on your screen with an install” option which you have to select to complete the process.


Step-5: Then your preferred app will get downloaded.


Step-6: Then you must Reboot your android device and then Activate the Xposed file.


Step-7: The moment your device gets a reboot and the activation process gets done then you are required to get Xposed Framework Installed with the help of APK link which will be available on the screen.


Step-8: now you are ready to go and use the Xposed Framework which is successfully activated on your Android device.


Final Verdict


So, we have come so far after discussing the complete process of getting the tool Xposed Framework installed on your smart Android devices. If we talk about the developer of the Xposed rovo89, it has all the potential to run your Android oreo device without any hassle. You need to note that your device should be fully updated before getting Xposed Framework installed on your device. Bring out the latest and updated Android oreo device and then you are good to go.




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