How You Can Install Geo-Restricted Apps On Your iPhone

Technology has its own nature of doing things. Everday you will come across something new in the digital market. A lot of people using smartphones get a chance to interact with newly advanced apps and personalized features and ever since the iPhone has come into the market people are getting mad after the App store of Apple to get in touch with applications.


Though there are plenty of applications are available in the store still some of the users cannot have an access to some applications because of the certain regional issues and due to which these region-based applications are available to specific people belonging to that region.


Apple has a profound way of designing its apple store and very strict about its security which doesn’t easily let users download certain apps only because it has “walled-garden” technology.


Now you would rather be amazed to know that you are going to learn about some of the techniques from which you can easily have AN ACCESS to the apps which are restricted to the specific regions. Now we are going to show you some of the ways to get restricted apps installed on your smart devices.


Get iPhone apps which are inaccessible in your region


These are the following step by step guide that will you to get restricted iPhone apps on your devices. We are excited to share each of them so that you can enjoy the magical apps and entertainment.


  1. The first step is to directly move to the option Setting and then you have to click on the “iTunes and Appstore” option then you are required to mention your apple id and then you will get to see “View Apple ID”
  2. For the further process, you are required to fill up the correct password of your apple id so that you can successfully login to your Apple
  3. After completing the login process you need to click on option showing “Country/Region” on your screen. After selecting the same option you will get to see another option showing you “Change Country or Region” to go further you are supposed to click on that option.
  4. Once you select the change country option a long list of all the countries will appear on your screen. When you will go through the entire list you will select the most appropriate country option for yourself.
  5. After selecting the most suitable country that suits you the best you will need to click on the “Agree” option visible on the screen because that option will ask you for your agreement before taking any action by its own.
  6. After choosing the right region of your choice you will be asked to fill the billing address. When you are done with filing the form with the relevant information then you must select the option “Next” to go further and complete the process.
  7. Now you are ready to go! The main purpose has been solved because you have successfully changed your region and if you want to install the restricted apps to your device you must move to your apple store and mention the desired apps that you want to have on your device.


Sometimes it takes a lot of time to process so for that you must open up your web browser and find your desired apps on the google which will directly show you the correct link and from there you can easily go to the app store and download the app.


Second Method


If the above-mentioned process does not work right for you then you must follow another easy process which might help you have an access to restricted apps.


  1. Firstly, open up your apple store on your device.
  2. Once you open your apple store you are required to click on option showing “Featured” and after clicking on it you are required to scroll it down and select the option named “Apple ID” and after selecting the option you have to sign out from your current apple account.
  3. After signing out from your account you will go the “Settings” option and there you will get to see an option named “General” and selecting that you will choose the “language and region”
  4. After selecting the language and region option you are required to select the region of as per choice or apple might select it on its own. But for better results, you must choose the location from which you want to download your desired app.


(Let’s say, you want to play pokemon go and this game is only allowed to have an access in the US so for that, you will select the US option from the list of the countries.)


  1. After selecting the relevant location or selecting the region where you wish to have an Access to that particular region then you will go on to your browser and on the tab, you will write down your preferred app and the google will search it for you. After getting the results you will click on the results of iTunes.
  2. After you get all the results you must directly click on the option “Change Store” that is visible on your screen.
  3. Then you get to see a page with all the description About the app and there you will select the “Get” button visible on the screen.
  4. After clicking the “Get” option then you are suppos4ed to create your Apple ID.
  5. Then to complete the process you must start to fill the details and put an address and all the relevant information.
  6. You must note about the zip code which can be false and won’t track your location.
  7. Don’t verify your number and put a fake NYC number.
  8. Check the sent link and go to the installation webpage.
  9. Then your app will start to download.


Final Verdict


Since you have learned about the process of installing the geo-restricted apps now you can easily have an access to those apps that do not work in your location.


Make the relevant changes mentioned above and then you are good to go.

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