How you can set Authentication Apps on your Twitter Login Verification

Social media has totally changed the way of living and among all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin. Twitter is potentially emerging in the social media market and has profoundly inspired millions of people to use it. Apart from being highly motivated social media website, Twitter is extremely particular about the security and safety of the people who use it.


Though Twitter has managed to include the verification of the logins through SMS it turned out to be little less favorable. The recent authentication app which Twitter has recently joined in with will give you all the facilities to verify your details and keep your private information safe.


Authentication apps make your work easy and hassle-free because these third-party apps are very reliable with respect to its security and also will help you with the frequent login and log out where you are just required to fill your correct information first and then this authentication apps will verify it and then keep them safe with themselves.


Because you are a frequent user of Twitter and get tired of logging in and logging out then these third-party authentication apps are the right choice to make because they will automatically save all your information and respond to you within some time.


Now we are delighted to make your work little more easy and by following the below step by step guidance you can easily have an access to these authentication apps.


Step-1: Activate Twitter Verification mode


Twitter is that social media platform that has significant security values and which they cannot afford to threaten. So to have the safe ride of these third-party authentication apps first step is to activate your login verification mode on that will verify your details which you have filled. This verification process works through SMS and that help you secure all your data.


  • Firstly, you are required to open your Twitter application from your Android phone and once you open the application you will swipe the screen to the right side and then there you will see the menu which you have to click and there you will go to the option-“settings and privacy”.


  • After selecting that option you will see a long list of options from which you are requested to select the “Account” option visible on your screen.


  • When you open the “Accounts” section from your phone you will a login verification option and below that you will be given detailed information and then you are supposed to mark the checkbox and then your process will get started.


  • Once you mark the checkbox they will give a brief idea how verification works and you will be asked to enter your correct password and then you will move ahead in the procedure.


  • Then the authentication app will send the 6-digit number code on the mobile number which you have mentioned in the details and then you will be asked to enter that number to verify whether it is you or not.


  • After completing the authentication and marking it on then you will have to mention the code which will be unique and every time you feel like going back into your Twitter account you have to rewrite that unique code.


(It is really important that you back up your code safe into your device so that you can easily have an access to your Twitter account even if your phone gets lost somewhere.)


These authentication apps work through SMS and whenever you make a new attempt by logging in, automatically a code will; be sent to your number. Now we will move further to the second step of the process.


Step-2: Usage of Authentication Applications


Once you turn on the verification option for your Account and after enabling it you are required to follow the process and let the authentication apps handle everything.


  • After completing the whole two-factor authentication process now you are requested to go the settings option on your Twitter and there you will find the “mobile security app” option with a checkbox below the option “text message”.


  • After marking right on the checkbox your screen will present you with a slide that shows “start” button then click on that option and you need to write the correct password that will take you to the process of Authentication app.


  • A new screen will get open and there you will see “set up now” option which you need to click and after selecting that option all the work will get done by Twitter itself. Twitter will check the compatibility of your account with the third-party authentication app and will register the account.


  • After completing that authentication process a pop up will show up on your screen about the google authentication and below that, you need to click on the “OK” option to get your account added.


  • The last step is to verify the authenticator app where you need to enter a code on twitter which you have acquired from the app. Great! Now your application is good to go.


Final Words


Twitter is a most discussed social media website these days. Millennials are quite active when it comes to commenting opinions, sharing ideas, talking worldly things and they find Twitter as the most convenient platform to reach out the masses and getting a response in return.


Even though it is quite popular but when it comes to the security policies Twitter cannot turn back. For the same security purposes, it has commutated with the authentication apps to make the life of its users simply easy and less burdened. This third-party authentication app will help you secure your personal details and actively works whenever you are out for work or on travel.


If you want secure your Twitter Account then don’t delay and let Authentication apps work it for you. We will be highly obliged if you will share your exp[erience with us and comment your ideas and suggestions on the same.

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