The Best Multi-Screen and Windows Management Utilities for PCs

We are quite familiar with the browser windows like- Spotify, excel, and steam, explorer, and Photoshop. Doesn’t it sound like scattered and unorganized order when you are using your computer? Evidently, these modern PCs with their advanced functionality has brought an inevitable challenge of managing a disorderly group of open tasks and windows. Our screens are messed up like our cupboards. These days, it becomes annoying when you try to find something important and fail to get.


When you deal with multiple images or graphic design, you really know that how important it is to have two or more monitors before your eyes to make you work really simple and less annoying. The same can be said for gamers that give comfortable interaction among the players.


Since the multi-screen and Windows management tools have invented they are rescuing us from the major chaos. We will now look at the best free tools that operate multiple displays and application windows on your Windows PC.


Multi-Screen and Windows Management


Dual monitor tools (DMT) has a modular idea to multi-screen management that offer stand-alone solutions to the users. This simply means that you can install the features which you want to use and avoid the software commotion of irrelevant programs.


The only way to install DMT’s main tool is to have an access and control your desktop’s notification area. DMT general module configures dual monitor display and offers to target program launch, hotkey support, cursor behavior, and wallpaper applications.


Multiple monitors will help you maximize your screen real estate, it also elevates your productivity, and helps you work effectively and also efficiently and give you lot many extra rooms to spread your work the way you want.


DisplayFusion Pro


DisplayFusion comes from the binary fortress software. It is one of the most recognized brand names in the field of multi-screen management software for Windows. We are highly grateful to a jam-packed feature set.


It not only has an extraordinary feature of configuring your display but also you can completely customize or personalize your visual computing experience by creating your own lock screen graphics, spanning screen savers across monitors, saving desktop icon layouts, and setting separate wallpapers for each VDU.


Displayfusion pro retails for $29 and even unlocks the most robust taskbar and screensaver features. Displayfusion helps you to easily manage the open windows one single display and taking multiple actions on the other.




The multimon taskbar is really a lightweight with a 500 kb footprint and effective 0% consumption of CPU. This has a special feature that is called rich pro version which is of $35. Though Multimom costs quite efficient and has a less weight to occupy your window. It’s the latest version that enhances the capacity of your computer and lavishly brings out the potential and clear work management to your screen.




AquaSnap is entirely different in its form and has versatile windows manager that not only ships with Windows 10 but also has some more features. It not only allows you to stretch windows to your specificat6ion but also help you customize the tiling of open windows. Move your windows in any form you want. Either you want to stretch or snap, you can easily get to do it with your desired specifications.


Aquasnap is not only about personalizing the features the way you wish to but also programming of the tools and its functions to your mouse buttons and accessing features via keyboard shortcuts. Aquasnap is absolutely free for the personal use.




Divvy has some of the specialized features which you will not get in any of the multi-screen windows management tools. Divvy has a unique grid system which will help you to work more effectively and efficiently.


Once you launch the windows manager on your computer and you will see a completely different outlook. It will transform your screen into a grid of boxes which will help you to locate you easily with any disruption. This configuration is a default 6 by 6. It has the most unique characteristic that can help you resize and position set windows by grid box according to your preferences.


The major special features that make Divvy entirely unique is that it supports the setting windows of various sizes for the same application, which are really handy in it way and quite feasible to run multiple browser Windows.


Divvy has a feature that can present your multiple numbers of grid boxes in a flexible manner by managing the expandable up to 20 by 20, which is totally dependent upon the size of your monitor. Software developer Mizage has brilliantly published the authentic working of this multi-screen windows management with many factual based description about Divvy.




The experience with synergy is entirely different from all the other multi-screen windows management because other tools are majorly concerned with the creating the multiple monitors experience really glamorous on a single operating system. Here, synergy is concerned about bridging the experience of multi-monitor not only within the systems but out of the systems.


When you regularly use the multi-monitor display from many different computers such as one for your Linux machine or one for your windows machine. If you install synergy all the three systems will offer you to access the same mouse and keyboard to take control of all the three system altogether.


Final Verdict of Multi-Screen Windows Management


We are living in a technical world where we are completely surrounded by technical things and we hardly get time to look at things other than technology. We use more simultaneous applications and windows than ever.


We always seek technology that can make our living really easy without having to burden ourselves. Since the idea of multi-screen windows management has got recognition setting up of our important documents has become really easy.


Not only we can manage our scattered data easily but also customize or personalize the entire system of management in our own way. We can easily organize our important information and events with these management tools that will DE clutter your desktop and restore organized harmony to your computing experience.


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